Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Five Top Tips For Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Spring Cleaning Your Closet


Spring is nearly here. And that can only mean one thing: taking a long look at your wardrobe and doing a spot of Spring cleaning.

As clichéd as it is, a spring clean can work wonders for your closet – helping you see which clothes are no longer needed, which can be stored for next winter, and which style staples you need to invest in for the months ahead.

Here, we have five suggestions for organising and clearing your wardrobe ahead of the new season.


  1. Create dedicated sorting piles

Get everything out. And as you might have guessed we would say set aside your key slow fashion items that let you stand out, enabling you to declutter season after season. Then make three piles: keep, discard and donate. The finality of this will ensure you’re absolutely resolute in your decision. Maybe swap ‘donate’ for ‘give to a friend’ if you’re often envied by those close to you. Otherwise, dig out some boxes and find a local charity shop. You shouldn’t keep anything you rarely wear or are uncomfortable in, and if any pieces are torn or worn beyond repair, scout around for a nearby recycling centre.


  1. Pack winter clothes away

Ideally, you want to wake up every spring morning with a bounty of bright colours, relaxed fits and shorter sleeves. So why have the redundant clothes on show? Shift your heavier jackets and jumpers into a drawer – or vacuum-sealed bag for storage under your bed – while leaving the rest hanging proud. Remember to set aside a single winter coat for rainy days.


  1. Arrange items by a ‘sun’ factor

There’s a temptation to go full sun-cream insane when the end of March rolls around and start wearing short-shorts in the hope that the weather takes notice. Maybe it will. But if not, you can adapt faster when you devote one section of your wardrobe for the peak of spring, and one for the duller days. Whether it’s vivid colours, picnic outfits, late-night clothes or a casual/professional feel, order your clothing rail by degrees of warmth.


  1. Save a space for evergreen wear

We don’t mean stuff that’s toned like a conifer. Rather, the clothes that stay relevant throughout spring, summer and the colder months – pieces that you feel good in but can also pair with spring outfits. Leather jackets, for instance. Some leggings and trousers. Your favourite denim jeans. Keep them hung up so they stay fresh and ready to go at a moment’s notice.


  1. Alter old clothes for new spring picks

Do you have a faded pair of Levi’s knocking around? They might make for a quality pair of spring shorts, with a few cuts and stitches. How about the long-sleeved blouse or shirt you kept under a coat for most of the year? Freshen it up by folding the sleeves, stitching them back, and voilà – it’s like you’ve just arrived back from a flash sale! Modifying your garments can become addictive. But it’s the healthy kind, so you have our blessing.


Spring is as good a time as any to assess what you have and hold tight to the stuff you really love. Speaking of which… sign up to our newsletter for more tips and leather advice. Take them into the new season and stay timeless.


Photo by Amanda Vick on Unsplash