Winter Warmers – Leather Style Now!

Mike Adler X Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers – Leather Style Now!

Winter Warmers – Leather Style Now!

As the nights grow cold and winter looms, leather offers winter warmth, weather protection and party-ready style! Leave the layers at home and dress smart. My favourite leather designs of puffers, coats, dresses, skirts, trousers, hoods, bags, boots and gloves are stylish additions to wear now, and love forever!

Never one to think ahead for my own wardrobe as my focus remains with my clients, my personal additions are random and rarely come at the right time. I recently acquired a great leather jacket. It is so heavy my movement is limited when I wear it and I have an ongoing fear of crushing it in my luggage, not to mention its effect on my travel luggage allowance!

As I was caught in a flash storm heading to an event in central Paris, arriving to a windswept, rain-soaked crowd, I was grateful for the protection my leather of the jacket offered. This great piece kept me dry and left me camera ready, while consciously remaining in line with the sustainable lifestyle practices I share with my clients.

For client and company alike, utilising materials that are otherwise wasted by-products is a key focus for our current climate.  Key brands operate a zero-waste policy and utilise the entire hide in construction of garments.

With this in mind, this Winter Warmers feature highlights MATCHESFASHION’s Responsible Edit and Net a Porter’s NET Sustain. Both platforms are designed to account for human and animal welfare and environmental sustainability, aligning with the fashion and beauty industry’s considered practices and the curation of pieces by labels at the forefront of conscious fashion.

Part of NET Sustain, the Deadwood clothing line is a particular interest of mine. The superb designs are exclusively made from upcycled leather scraps that are repurposed after leather tanning and cutting – offcuts ready to be consciously worn and forever loved!

X mike



Philip Plein jacket, Alexandre Vauthier slim-leg pants 



Manokhilong-sleeve panelled leather top, WASHINGTON DEE CEE jacket


Bottega Veneta trousers , Falconeri cardigan


DEADWOOD jacket, Bottega Veneta dress


Moncler ankle boots, Leather mittens


Valextra shoulder bag, Agnelle gloves


Bottega Veneta clutch, Givenchy jacket


By Far sock boots, Bottega Veneta tote


Agnelle gloves, Gabriela Hearst 


Joseph pants, Givenchy shearling jacket


Bottega Veneta shoulder bag, Maison Margiela skirt


Serapian tote, SPRWMN trousers


Jimmy Choo leather pumps


16Arlington dress, 16Arlington pencil skirt


Balmain jacket, Ganni shirt dress