Loewe sets the bar high

Loewe sets the bar high

Loewe sets the bar high

Spanish fashion house Loewe has launched a version of one its best-selling handbags – the woven basket bag – made entirely from scrap leather.

Made from offcuts from the company’s other products from previous seasons, Loewe’s woven basket might just be the three-dimensional definition of circular fashion.

Handwoven and handstitched, the bag is made from thin strips of smooth and soft-grained calfskin.

The woven basket bag debuted in designer Jonathan Anderson’s first collection for Loewe in 2015 and has been in production ever since, but it wasn’t until this year the simple lattice work was made from what would have formerly been seen as waste.

Creating Stunning Fashion from Waste Leather

According to Loewe’s website, “The surplus project is a display in how to re-use, re-think and re-create something beautiful from the excess material of previous collections.

“The new project sees the two most iconic of Loewe’s leathers — a smooth, classic calfskin, and a finely textured, soft-grained calfskin — given a new lease of life as woven basket bags.”

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