International Design Competition Finalist: Meghan Beattie

Finalist: Meghan Beattie

International Design Competition Finalist: Meghan Beattie

Name: Meghan Beattie

Education: Costume Design, Birmingham City University (UK)

Specialisms: Costume Design – Stage Screen Dance/ Art History/ Conservation of Fine Art

“For this experiment I used more dramatic colours, inspired by the contrasting colours of the deep sea fish. I also added a patterned lining to the inside of the skirt, inspired by my stitched piping leather experiment. I find by adding the piping effect to a flexible piece, it replicates the suction cups of a tentacle. The contrasting lining also helps to break up the amount of leather around the hip area, preventing it from looking too heavy and weighed down”

Meghan’s presentation is inspired by deep sea creatures bioluminescence, organic shapes and textures. With a focus specifically on circles and curves Meghan sought to replicate these patterns through the manipulation of  fabric. She describes how for example the curve of a jellyfishes head could be represented in a scalloped edge and a fishes sharp tail fin as pleating. In order to learn more about leather Meghan sourced some waste off cuts from an upholstery company and experimented with a number of techniques such as hand stitched patchwork, ruffles, piping with chiffon and leather contrast.

Her final designs combine lightweight pleated fabric with various structured leather garments from trousers to overskirts, corsets and suspender style leather straps.