We meet Creative Director Mao Tsen Chang


25th August 2020


Originally from Taiwan, fashion designer Mao Tsen Chang is the Creative Director of MAO MAO Studio and a judge for the Real Leather. Stay Different. student design competition in Taiwan.

We loved talking to him about his personal experience in the world of fashion – and of course, his views on leather and the competition this year!

For more information on the Real Leather. Stay Different competition, check out our post and watch the video here. Winners will be honoured at a product demonstration and awards ceremony hosted at Taipei 101 on September 8th.


How did you get into the fashion and design world?

I was not dreaming of becoming a fashion designer, however, I found that my first degree in English education was not what I wanted to do as a career. I wanted to do something different and fun! I decided to study a one year foundation course in London to discover my interest in fashion. It is fun and I have a huge passion for it, so I went to London College of Fashion to study Fashion Textiles. After that I continued with my master’s degree in Womenswear at the Royal College of Art London.


Your collections are so fun and totally unique, where does the inspiration come from?

I am always inspired by something dark and serious, but in the process of development, I try to make it as fun as possible – because I believe it’s more easy for people to receive those “dark” ideas I am trying to say. Also, I like to see people in my collection enjoying their life and being fun and unique.


What are your thoughts on working with leather?

I have always wanted to work with leather, however, I still have not got the chance to do it! I found that people have a huge craving for real leather; real leather products have a sort of long lasting concept, because it is high value and durable – as well as sustainable.


You have exhibited at fashion shows all over the world – where is your favourite place to show your collections?

I believe as a young brand it’s good to present in London, because London has a vibe to support young designers. When it come to the market, I think Paris or Shanghai are probably the best to meet as many retailers as possible.


Are there other artists, designers or visionaries that you find particularly inspiring?

If I had to name one of the designers I like, I would say Walter Van Beirendonck.

His collection has a strong identity and is particularly fun. Every time I look at his collection, it gives me a boost and reminds me why I want to do fashion!

I also like Pablo Picasso, Sigmar Polke, Antonio Henrique Amaral. The work of Picasso and Polke brings me a different imagination everytime I look at their works. I do enjoy looking at things from other aspects… Antonio is a Brazilian artist, whose work reflects the dark side of society, which is quite similar to the idea behind how I develop my collection.


You were on the judging panel at the Real Leather. Stay Different. student design competition in Taiwan – what did you think of the quality of entries?

I think it was pretty good, we saw quite a lot of good designs. In some categories there was significantly more activity than others and it was difficult for the judges to select the finalists. Overall, I would say they were generally successful!


What advice would you give to young people that would like to enter the world of fashion?

Starting a business in fashion, it’s not just about designs, sometimes communication is such an important part. Meet as many as people you can, be active on social media and keep your passion. You must have an extremely huge passion for fashion if you want to survive in this industry.


What is the future of fashion? Any comments on sustainable fashion or how fashion is changing?

Sustainability is a concept we have been discussing in the fashion industry for years, and it’s a challenge for designers and factories to be environmental friendly.  Sustainability will and should be continually adopted in fashion.

However, the world is suffering from the pandemic, so at the moment when we talk about the future of fashion, I assume that medical elements might be considered and applied in the future. Because we all might need clothes that have hygienic function…


Where can we find out more about your clothes? Please share your website and social channels for MAO MAO Studio…

People can check my Instagram @maomao_studio or visit my website