Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Yu ChiKit

Accessory Winner: Yu ChiKit

Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Yu ChiKit

20th November 2020

The Real Leather. Stay Different. Taiwan Accessories Category is part of a Global Student Design Competition which celebrates the beauty, sustainability and versatility of leather, while recognizing the innovation and craftsmanship that the new generation has to offer. The competition engages with young and exciting designers to directly highlight the history, application and sustainable credentials of leather as a rich and versatile material. In doing so we look to recognize and reward creativity, craftwork and innovation in fashion & design while also creating new exciting ambassadors who can champion leather for the future.

Meet 24 year old Yu ChiKit from Shu-Te University, this year’s gold winner of the student design competition: Accessory Category. Scroll right down to watch her winning video entry!

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What was the inspiration for your design?

My design is inspired by the social phenomenon ‘Outward Autism’ combined with the elements of a parallel universe to create contrast and to complement through imagination another ‘me’ who exists in another universe.

The bag can be used on both sides. You can change its appearance by the hinges, I’ve used magnets here to transform the bag into a new appearance.

What are your thoughts on working with leather?

I found leather to be durable and easy to shape, therefore it can be used as a material for a lot of different designs.











Watch the video: