Taiwan student design: Samples complete

Student designs come to life!

Taiwan student design: Samples complete

24th August 2020

“Real Leather. Stay Different.” is a campaign launched by the Leather & Hide Council of America (LHCA) that celebrates all that is great about leather – sustainability, versatility, durability and beauty. The most recent leg of its worldwide design competition, the Taiwan Student Design competition, has attracted hundreds of Taiwanese entries, building on the success of similar competitions running in China, Italy and the UK.

The competition, organised by LHCA in partnership with Taiwan International Leather Association (TILA), has attracted more than 300 entries from students from 15 selected Taiwan universities. In June, 23 student designs from four design categories were shortlisted by the impressive line-up of judges and the shortlisted students were requested to make real products, featuring US hide and leather as the principal material, for the competition’s final stage. The category winners are also invited to participate in online voting on Facebook from August 10-31, after which the judge panel will choose an overall winner on September 7.

During the sample production stage, leather catalogues provided by local Taiwanese tanneries were presented to the students and leather materials were mailed to the students following their selection. Leather sponsors include Tyche Leather Industrial Co., Ltd, Wei Tai Leather Co., Ltd, Shan Been Jeou Industrial Co., Ltd, Lien Shun Yang Leather Co., Ltd, Ligo Leather Enterprise Co., Ltd. In addition, Footwear & Recreation Technology Research Institute, Indian Leather Crafta and Yeh Ming Fu Leather Craft have provided venues for the students to make products and technical assistance in selecting the fabrics.

On September 8, winners will be honoured at a product demonstration and awards ceremony hosted by LHCA and TILA at Taipei 101, the 500 metre super-skyscraper in Taiwan. Attendees, including entrants, students and local media, will be able to see examples of the best of the competition.

Competition winners will receive cash awards and US training opportunities sponsored by LHCA.

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