Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Lin Ting-Yu

Accessory Winner: Lin Ting-Yu

Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Lin Ting-Yu

12th November 2021

Meet Lin Ting-Yu, this year’s Accessory Gold Winner in the 2021 Taiwan Student Design Competition. Lin is a 22 years old student who graduated from the Department of Industrial Design in Shih Chien University. When I explored the inspiration, I was interested in leather and used it as a medium in my graduation production. Then, I learned about this competition through my teacher’s introduction. I am glad that my work can be appreciated by the judges.

Tell us about your submission?

I observed the pods’ opening methods and appearance characteristics from plants such as poppy, pimpernel, and desert unicorn-plant. The structure of each part of the fruit is disassembled and divided into pieces. The original colour vegetable-tanned leather and metal parts are used to imitate the original appearance structure and opening.  The structure has been re-sewn to replicated different forms of fruit bags inspired by the plant. Poppy corresponds to a bucket bag with a drawstring effect. Pimpernel corresponds to a frame bag. Desert unicorn-plant corresponds to a long bag.

 What are your thoughts on working with leather?

This is my first time using leather as a design medium. I chose leather as the creative material because it is a product of nature, which is like the theme of “fruit”. That’s why I use original colour vegetable-tanned leather instead of dyed leather. Leather has a variety of textures. It is a medium that can be very original and can show a modern feel after processing and dyeing. I think the diversity that leather can show is far more extensive than the public thinks. Also, it is sustainable. Leather is a great creative medium that everyone should try and understand.

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