Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Kun-Lin

Footwear Winner: Kun-Lin

Taiwan Design Competition Winner: Kun-Lin

16th November 2020

Meet 21 year old Kun-Lin from Shih-Chien University, this year’s gold winner of the student design competition: Footwear Category. Scroll right down to watch his winning video entry!











What was the inspiration for your design? 

I experimented many times with my design concept before I finally ended up with these shoes, I was inspired to create something similar to a sculpture. I found when combining leather’s toughness with durable wood and soft midsole each material reflects its moldable quality.

What are your thoughts on working with leather?

Different types of leather can evoke different feelings. I found that using a variety of leather textures allowed me to experiment and come up with different creations which ended up inspiring me and having an effect on my final designs.











Watch the video: