China Design Competition Winner: Shanshan Yang

Accessory Winner: Shanshan Yang

China Design Competition Winner: Shanshan Yang

Meet Shanshan Yang, this year’s Accessories Gold Winner in the 2020 China Student Design Competition and student at Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology.

Tell us about you submission?

My design is called ‘Warm of Hugging’. The gesture of hugging itself means warmth, just as one of the psychologists put it, “ Hugging could eliminate depression.” This design combines gloves and vest together, and the user could easily get a feeling of “embracing himself” and hugging the bag by running his hands through the “sleeve” openings on both sides to the gloves. If zip up both the bottom and a small portion in the middle, “sleeves” turn to be hand straps and the glove-and-vest look bag literally become a container. In addition, this bag adopts soft lambskin with down feather fillings which better conveys the message of warmth and gentleness.

I initially felt strongly about the presence of the cuddle because my little sister sought my hugs every night before bed.

I began to wonder how this kind of physical activity between people, which may not even be touched by the skin, actually affects the spiritual level. Is there a different experience after more hugs? And can hugging really change anything?

In a study conducted at the University of North Carolina, researchers divided people into two groups. The first group shook hands with their partner for 10 minutes and then hugged, while the other group sat quietly next to their partner. The participants then talked about a recent stressful event.

They found that participants who hugged and shook hands had significantly more stable blood pressure levels and slower heart rates when saying these things than participants who did not touch.

Hugging is an instinctive human response, like a baby’s instinct to seek breastfeeding. In today’s seemingly closely connected city, the distance in everyone’s heart is gradually increasing. Even if we really need to be hugged or want to hug others, we will hide this kind of emotion deeply in our hearts.

What are your thoughts on working with leather?

In my opinion, leather is different from other materials. In some ways, it simulates the feel and presence of human skin. And with the passage of time, it will leave traces of each other, presenting more and more the identity of the user, this feature exists longer than in any other material.